About Dr. Sheinbein

Dr. Stewart Sheinbein was born and raised in St. Louis. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 1976 and from University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry in 1982. After graduation, he immediately started his own practice and has been serving the St. Louis area from his current location since 1984.

Dr. Sheinbein’s office always has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. He and his staff exhibit hospitality and professionalism with everything that they do.

Dr. Sheinbein not only keeps his own training up-to-date by attending several dental seminars throughout the year, but keeps his staff’s training current as well. By attending dental seminars in St. Louis and other areas, Dr. Sheinbein and his team keep themselves educated in the latest techniques and procedures. They take care to use the most advanced equipment and procedures so as to provide a high level of care and comfort to their patients. As part of his effort to provide the best possible care, Dr. Sheinbein belongs to the Greater St. Louis Dental Society, the Missouri Dental Association, and the American Dental Association.

Come to Dr. Sheinbein’s office to receive the highest quality of dental care for you and your family from a professional who has been serving St. Louis for over 33 years.